Inside 9 Golf

We bring a premier golf experience to you 

An all-inclusive experience perfect for:


Corporate Events


Inside 9 Golf brings a premium, all-inclusive golf simulator experience directly to you. With our rental, you can choose from hundreds of the top courses in the world, have fun competing with friends in exciting mini-games, or hone your swing using state of the art launch monitor technology. 


How much space do I need?

We recommend a flat and level area of at least 25'L x 18'W x 13'H. We are also equipped with a smaller setup if you have limited space! 

What about weather?

Our setup performs great on even the brightest summer days! However, due to the sensitive nature of our electonic equipment we need to minimize our exposure to the rain. We would be happy to discuss those logistics with you!

Do I need my own equipment?

No! Inside 9 provides an all inclusive service including name brand clubs (LH, RH, women's and junior), tees, balls, etc. In addition our staff can remain onsite to ensure everything runs smoothely. 

Can I use my personal clubs?

Absolutely! Our simulator is completely compatible and interchangeable with all clubs and balls.

I’m not that into golf, is this still for me?

Absolutely! The Inside 9 experience is a great entry point for golfers of all skill levels and abilities to have fun with the game of golf. If you decide you need a quick break from the simulator, we also provide a putting green, corn hole and ladder golf for you to enjoy at your event - free of charge!